DCH Media Fund

DCH Capital currently manages $100m DCH Media Fund. DCH Capital Partners as an investment and corporate strategy service provider has created a virtual digital Media eco system bringing together investors, producers, service companies, distributors, merchandisers and exhibitors across the world and supports the creation and development of Intellectual Properties in the Animation, Games & Computer Graphics sectors of the creative cluster including new and emerging media through its various investment vehicles and investee companies.

The US box-office, by yearly Average, grew by nearly 8% from the previous year as grosses vaulted to a new high of $8 billion out of 450 movies. The Studio Release contributed to 7 Billion from 100 movies. In these 4-5 were Animated Feature Films contributing 25% of the above turnover. Historically, the average G-rated film generated 8 x profit of the average R-rated film. In the past 10 years, G-rated films had a 78% better ROI than R-rated films. Only 6% of films, Hollywood produces are rated G. Yearly average there is about $16 billion in retail sales of entertainment / character licensed merchandise.

DCH Captial through its media fund is consolidating its presence in the world market through international strategic alliances with respected groups in Singapore, New Zealand, Europe, U.S.A., India, China etc.