Investment Strategy

DCH Media Fund will evaluate its investment into Media Companies across the value chain of the Production with over 3 years track record of successful project execution and as a profitable business. Investments into media companies will be to a maximum of 5 M USD per Company. Use of funds should predominantly be to the growth of the company and partial buy back of shares from existing Shareholders.

DCH Media Fund is evaluating Co-production opportunities in projects that merits production in New Zealand and Singapore exploiting Treaty Agreements or outside the Treaty Agreements. DCH Media Fund Co-production funding shall fill any gap in financing of the project. All Funds will be on sweat equity basis as laid out in the production agreement. Production will be executed by DCH Media Invested Companies and Approved Partners in Asian Region. Investments will be capped to a maximum 5 M USD per project. Slate funding may be considered favorably.

DCH Media fund for Media Hub, is an investment in strategic areas synergising its Partners or Projects either in Equipment, Software, Technology, Space, Managed and Shared Services. Use of Technology to bring down cost, improve productivity, secure the IP of developed projects, Re-Use of Assets for exploitation in emerging media and Refurbish Resources to be re-deployed on subsequent projects. Investments will be capped to a maximum of 1 M USD per project.

DCH Capital invites companies or projects to be evaluated for their funding.