Value Proposition

DCH Media Fund has a seasoned and experienced and well-respected management team that has utilised the company’s core competencies in the creation, acquisition, development and distribution of animated properties to bring about the successful development of:

  • Strategic alliances with production studios in Europe, America and Asia
  • Intellectual property protection – DCH Media Fund will ensure Co-production assets and IP are protected and monitored across its projects with the industry best practices and adoption standards certification
  • An emphasis on Family Entertainment, storytelling, innovative content, and expressive animation
  • Constantly updated technology to amortise best use of capital in projects

DCH Media Fund has a global concept of the industry, grounded in a deep knowledge of all aspects of animation production. The productions are based on solid marketable ideas, together with a strong vision of merchandising and distribution. Each project is developed with detailed attention to every aspect of the production process, including the revenue model.