Investment Process

DCH Capital Partners continually look for potential new investments. We initially aim to form a broad understanding of the target business and assess the quality of its management. This part of the process is based on our review of the business plan and on meetings with the key members of the management team.

If the initial assessment is positive, we will then offer a term sheet outlining the terms and conditions for an investment. If the term sheet is accepted, we carry out thorough “due diligence” investigating the key aspects of the business. This work is usually done in-house by the investment team, using external specialists where appropriate.

Once due diligence is completed, a comprehensive report is presented to the investment committee / board for discussion and decision; if the investment is approved, legal completion usually follows closely thereafter. DCH Capital has developed a broad investment capability aimed at creating a range of opportunities for investors to gain exposure to alternative asset classes. At a time of persistently low interest rates and when many investors face increasing tax burdens, we have been able to use the wide experience of our investment and administration teams to develop additional product areas where we can offer good quality assets and high levels of yield, often using tax efficient schemes.

DCH Capital offers sophisticated and institutional investors direct access to private company deals, with the opportunity to build a portfolio by co-investing on a deal-by-deal basis alongside the DCH Capital Partners managed funds. DCH Capital focuses on tax-based investment structures, targeted principally at high net worth investors.
We have carefully cultivated relationships with investors including sophisticated investors and institutional investors who invest with us on a deal-by-deal basis. We value the importance and benefit of bringing both maximum investment capacity and breadth of business experience to through out the investment process.