Banking & Other Financial Services

We offer a variety of financial services to both clients and non-clients.

Banking & Finance

Our banking and finance manager is well qualified to assist you in sourcing all international banking needs and arranging banking facilities. For specific advice on your financial circumstances your enquiry should be routed to an independent financial advisor or through our in house company, MM Financial Services.

Our aim is to assist our clients in sourcing all international banking needs. We are happy to introduce you to providers for your various areas of business. We use our knowledge and networks to the advantage of our clients and associated parties. Three key areas are:

  • Corporate Banking: company banking services
  • Asset Finance & Lending: assistance in procuring finance
  • Private Banking: tailored solutions for our clients

Corporate Banking

Your company (or private wealth vehicle) may need banking services that range from transactional banking and global Foreign Exchange platforms through to full investment management. We have favourable terms with many banks including streamlined account opening procedures (for corporate vehicles only), which can shorten lengthy processing requirements. We can also tap into pockets of expertise through the banks in key sectors such as oil, shipping, and aviation.

There may be some restrictions on the banking services open to clients. These will depend on nationality, place of residence, domicile, and/or trading activities. These restrictions are usually also reflected in our customer due diligence procedures.

Asset Finance and Lending

We have several counterparties who lend on UK and overseas property and provide asset finance for yachts and aircraft. The acquisition of a yacht or business jet raises issues such as payment method, borrowing requirement, holding structure and operation of the asset. We aim to assist you in securing finance by reviewing your requirements and matching your situation to a suitable lender. As lenders have differing criteria, especially for yacht and aircraft finance, we can direct your proposal to the most suitable lender on our panel.

Our yacht and aviation leasing structures are popular for VAT deferment.

DCH Capital Financial Services

DCH Financial Services can assist people on the move, in particular yacht crew. DCH Financial Services represents ICM Financial Services, which is licensed to conduct investment business by the Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission.

Company Formation

We can form companies in the major jurisdictions of the world both onshore and off. As we are domiciled in New Zealand our preference is to form New Zealand companies, where a transparent and flexible Company Law provides a platform to accomplish most clients’ aims. However, where a client’s circumstances require a structure and jurisdiction most suitable to fulfill their aims, we will be happy to provide assistance as required.

We have a team of experienced administrators who will take care of the company and ensure it is kept in good standing and run in compliance with the client’s wishes and the regulatory framework within which we operate. The fact we are regulated provides protection for our clients and gives them confidence that we have the systems and procedures in place to offer an excellent service.

When necessary, we support associated companies by setting up companies & trusts for their clients who have specific interests in protecting high-value assets such as their business jets, helicopters and super yachts.
We also work closely with our strategic partners based at London, who can provide our clients with UK companies when deemed appropriate to their needs.