Wealthy Migrant & Business Advisory Services

DCH Capital provides wealth management through one of its group companies, Redrock Wealth Capital Management Limited, specialising in Wealthy Migrant and Business advisory services.

Wealthy Migrants

Wealthy immigrants having assets across jurisdictions look for a second or third home to operate from. This is typically a jurisdiction where it is easy to set up a base, a transparent legal system and with high living standards.

The possibilities of taking up residency in countries that offer and welcome such wealthy migrants require careful consideration. Wealthy migrants may acquire a residence permit to retire in these countries.

Countries welcome such high net worth or ultra high net worth individuals to boost their economy. This status will not be awarded lightly as there are stringent laws. Wealthy and rich migrants who wish to acquire a residence permit must have substantial funds. They must bring substantial capital, although not literally, to boost the economy and create jobs in their chosen country. The substantial capital would mean US $ 1,250,000 and above.

Wealthy immigrants may be eligible for a residence permit if they meet the eligibility criteria. Although it is not necessary for the money to be parked in the jurisdiction, the revenue should be available in there. This may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

New Zealand connection

DCH Capital Partners and its sister company Redrock Wealth Capital Management Limited, are based in New Zealand and specialise in Wealthy Migrant and Business advisory services. We have the legal and financial expertise and the relationships on the ground to provide our private clients the best pre and post investment services.

Wealthy immigrants fulfilling the financial criterion who wish to take up residency in New Zealand need not state a specific purpose of stay such as employment or study, nor do they have to pass a strict English language test. They will immediately receive a residence permit depending on the amount of investment. Wealthy migrants are allowed to work in employment or as entrepreneurs without requiring a work permit.